Hi there! We’re Dave Scott and Tim McCarthy, the Co-founders of marketGOATS. On the surface, we’re a bit of an odd couple. We’re about 30 years apart in age and we don’t exactly look like brothers. But what we share is a deep passion for investing and a desire to help people control their financial destinies. 

We have a combined 60+ years experience in the financial services industry, including holding leadership roles in some of the top firms in the world – Tim as the President of Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investment Advisors, among others; Dave at T. Rowe Price, Matthews Asia, and Strategic Insight. So we know the (increasingly poorly kept) secret of our industry: portfolio performance is…meh. It hugs an index and basically goes up a bit when the market is up and down when the market is down.   

In the past few years, people, especially young people, have grown fed up with the meh-ness. So they’ve ventured out on their own, following investment trends and advice on social media, building portfolios on stock trading apps, buying celebrity NFTs. But this hasn’t always worked out. A few people have beat the curve, making millions. Many have gained or lost a little bit, and some, unfortunately, have lost their shirts.

So it is clear to us that the world’s investors needed a safer, performance-focused, and – dare we say – fun way to invest. Enter marketGOATS, the idea, the platform, and the company we’ve been working on for the past two years.

marketGOATS is a competition. Or more accurately, marketGOATS hosts simulated investment competitions on our platform. These competitions are on a level playing field. Students, amateurs, and investment professionals all build their portfolios and strive to be the best, to be a GOAT. The platform doesn’t care about your education, your job title, or your pedigree. It cares about your RESULTS, i.e. performance. 

As exciting as the competitions are, they are a means to an end. That end finding the world’s great money managers, to – what else – manage money. The GOATS, those who rise to the top consistently in absolute performance, risk-adjusted performance, and other categories will be given the opportunity to manage real money. The process is transparent. Everyone is treated the same. The public will be able see GOATS’ historic and current performance to make informed choices about who they invest their money with.

Investors will get a transparent, performance-focused environment. What do the players get? First, with our badging, ranking, platform, and marketing, they get to build their brand. This may be a student, showing potential employers that they are a serious, talented investor. This may be a professional money manager or firm showing that they are a cut above their competitors. Next, they get to learn and experiment. Take risks or build your ideal portfolio, all with simulated money. And GOATS get a cut of assets under management. Plus, we put an extra kicker in there: cash prizes up to $1500 awarded throughout the competition run. And P.S. It’s free to play!

So, we hope you’ll join marketGOATS to compete and watch the action unfold. We look forward to seeing you on the playing field!

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