I spend most of my days talking to fellow investment professionals about marketGOATS (mG). It’s been so rewarding to share our platform with them and see the “A ha!” moment when it clicks and they get how exciting it is. Many ask me similar questions about how mG works. So, without further adieu, here are the top five questions I get from investment pros about mG, as well as our answers.

How do I know mG is right for me? 

Let me answer your question with a question: do you feel you have a talent for investing? Perhaps you’ve been creating portfolios for some time and you know how to optimize and get solid returns. You find that you often “get it right” and beat the average. But now, you want others to see your talent, yet you don’t have a way to showcase it. Perhaps you want to run your portfolio the way you want to, not the way your bosses make you. You’d love to build your own professional brand, or that of your team or company. If any of this speaks to you, you are a prime candidate.

How does mG showcase my performance? On the flip side, what if I do poorly and embarrass myself? 

Over time, the consistent top performers, the GOATS, will emerge. These players will be showcased in our public leaderboards and receive badges. Our social networking and media relations will put the spotlight on our GOATS. Performance shines at mG.

As for fear of embarrassment, we’ve got you covered. You can always start by playing anonymously. Later, if you like your performance, you can switch your profile to your real name and tell your story. 

Why do you focus on ETFs and currencies?

While the marketGOATS platform supports the trading of stocks and crypto, we also offer a wide selection of ETFs. Why ETFs? Let’s start with the reality that people are most worried about how to manage their entire portfolio across all asset classes. They know they can’t put it all into equities, but are not sure where and how much to put in other assets. A portfolio of ETFs run by a top performer allows investors to get diversity AND transparency. And, don’t think of ETFs as limiting. There are nearly 3,000 ETF choices, covering every global market, industry, sector, country, commodity, and so forth. 

Can I incorporate my current portfolio into mG?

Yes! If your portfolio is ETFs and/or crypto, you can port it into the simulation, including your historical performance. How easy is that?

How long do I have to play the game? Can I do it as a one-time thing?

Consistent performance over time is the most important metric in the mG competition. So, the GOATS that emerge will have been playing for several months. Additionally, there is an advantage to starting early as you get the chance to build a longer track record over late starters. That means you have a better chance of attracting more investors earlier. People tend to reward those whom they watch over time. Even when they make mistakes, they become more familiar, more trustworthy that way. 

I hope you’ll join us today on marketGOATS. We are building a dynamic community of investment pros and amateurs alike, and we can always use more talent like you! 

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