The marketGOATS platform allows players to build personalized portfolios with just a few clicks. With a wide variety of stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies to choose from, flexibility and ease are built right into our platform. Here are the three ways you can build a portfolio on marketGOATS:

Stock Selector 

The stock selector lets players search for different stock categories, tickers, and so forth. Once you see a stock that interests you, simply check the box on the left-hand side. Each stock you select will appear at the top of your portfolio section. With every search, you can see absolute return values spanning from a one-day duration to a full year. After you select your funds, set the portfolio allocations, then hit Save.

stock selector option screenshot
Stock Selector Option

Simple ETF Selector

Select your investments from different categories, including equity funds, bond fixed, income funds, cryptocurrency funds, and more. Players can add ETFs based on a plethora of groupings — by sector, region, country, theme, and others. Check the box next to any funds to add them to your portfolio. Added funds, once again, will show up at the top of your portfolio section. After you select your funds, set the portfolio allocations, then hit Save.

etf selector option screenshot
ETF Selector Option

Customize a Sample Portfolio

After selecting a specific category, players will see recommended stock and ETF picks, as well as recommended portfolio allocations for each. Players can simply drag investments from the right-hand side to add or remove elements from their portfolio. On the bottom of the screen, players can see what percentage of their money is invested — the goal is 100%. As always, do not forget to save your data!

Don’t be afraid to hop on the platform and get creative! We have thousands of financial options for users to play around with, and we want to see your investing skills.

custom option screenshot
Customize a Sample Option

Build your own portfolio today at!

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