We want you to connect and exchange ideas with new friends that share your interests. On marketGOATS, players have the ability to join or create groups that focus on various topics. Ranging from 5 members to over 50, you can search to find a group that matches your interests and skills – or create one of your own!

Getting Started

To get started, sign into your account. If using a desktop, select “Groups” on the left-hand side of your screen, or use the traditional three-bar menu on a mobile device. Immediately, you will see existing groups that are both public and private. You can join any of the public groups. When you see a group that looks interesting, simply click on the tile and tap “join” in the upper right-hand corner. Once you are part of the group, you will be able to see the group administrators, as well as post your thoughts or ideas to the community. You can also see the group’s all-time investment leaders, and compare portfolios.

Create Your Own Group

To start your own group, click on the purple “new” button located in the upper right-hand corner of the ‘groups’ page. Now you can get creative! Create a header image for your group, establish a group name, and write a short description of the group. Players can also choose what category their group falls under by utilizing a drop-down menu. Finally, players will be asked to establish group guidelines, such as specifying minimum/maximum holdings and investment types. As always, don’t forget to save your changes at the bottom of the screen!

Hop on the platform today and start networking with our community members! Still have questions? Watch this short how-to video that explains the step-by-step process.

Get connected, feel inspired: marketgoats.com

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