We at marketGOATS are proud to announce that our current top 10 managers beat the S&P 500 index by 3 to 30 points in the past 6 months.

This year, we opened our investment simulation platform to Portfolio Managers as the first step to addressing the legacy investment industry’s shortcomings around near-term performance. Many talented, undiscovered money managers lack access to investors who seek better execution regardless of market performance. Typically, innovative ideas are crushed under time-honored investment mandates and industry bias from traditional firms. mG, by contrast, helps find top money management talent who outperform regardless of market cycles. 

mG targets talented money managers who don’t have sufficient direct access to or personal brand with investors. Amateur investors and aspiring portfolio managers are encouraged to compete with these professionals. At no cost to Players, mG provides an open, level playing field to demonstrate their talents. mG’s experts select a mix of top-performing Players – the GOATS (greatest of all time) – in multiple categories to manage real investor money on their platform, available to investors in 2023. New Players are encouraged to join and compete in qualifying for GOAT selection.  

As the S&P 500 comparison demonstrates, mG’s carefully constructed process successfully discovers money management talent. In the same 6-month period that ended November 30, 2022, where the S&P 500 was down 1.3 percent (1.3%), mG top 10 players achieved 2.4% to 28.5% positive return.  

“With the performance we’re seeing already, mG will approve at least five GOATS to be made available to investors on our platform by the spring,” said mG Co-CEO Tim McCarthy. “Over the years, I’ve seen talented money managers around the globe who didn’t get the chance to perform. They either didn’t go to the right school or ‘look the part,’ but they had that X-factor in investing. Everyone is welcome on mG, amateurs and professionals alike.” 

“We are a team of industry veterans that have been evaluating managers for investment persistence our entire careers,” added mG Co-CEO David Scott. “We won’t just pick the top-performing Players. We look at several factors in addition to outright performance. Our data and expertise allow us to seek enduring investment talent and ensure a mix of styles across the GOATS we select. These ongoing highly volatile markets actually help us assess a Player’s investment skill and determine the probability of persistence in their performance.”

“When I first heard about mG, I was intrigued. It has tremendous potential for people like myself – investment professionals and newsletter authors – to expand our brand, generate demand for our services, and earn additional income, ” said mG Player, Jeff Hansen, Focused 15 Investing.

6-month trailing performance as of 11/30/22


  1. How does mG work?

Players Build a Portfolio and Compete to Become GOATS

With a few clicks, anyone can build their mG portfolio, selecting from the universe of stocks, ETFs, currencies, and other publicly-traded products. Once a portfolio is assembled, Players start competing against all other players in the mG Community – they can also join weekly, monthly, and quarterly tournaments for prizes (no cost to play). The top players get crowned as GOATS and can manage portfolios. Professional portfolio managers can easily upload their existing performance or track records to the system for consideration. 

Registered Investment Advisor 

Once the GOATS are identified and verified, mG’s future Registered Investment Advisor will allow investors to select one or more GOATS portfolios which mG will implement on behalf of the investor. With mG, all client money will remain secure in a regulated broker custodian. In doing so, mG becomes a marketplace connecting proven superior money management talent as investors and evaluators have been able to watch them compete. mG expects to open its platform to investors in spring 2023.

  1. How are GOATS selected?  

The mG team’s expertise, coupled with our proprietary algorithms, helps us determine which Players qualify to manage real investor money. mG’s evaluation system focuses on absolute returns, risk, manager agility, portfolio construction, asset class knowledge, and asset allocation. The mG design and process are all structured to judge the highest probability of persistent investment performance with real money in bull and bear markets.

  1. Who plays marketGOATS?  

The mG investment competition platform has quickly attracted a wide swath of Players, including trained CFAs who wish to showcase their talents, financial advisors and registered investment advisors who want to attract funds, retail investors, and amateurs such as students who want to show prospective employers they are serious about investing. 

  1. Why play marketGOATS?  What’s the biggest advantage for Players?

If they become a GOAT, a Player gets to manage real money as well as receive a portion of the economics in the form of the Asset Management fee. Furthermore, mG does the promotion for them with our leaderboards and multi-faceted marketing programs, but they get to establish their own brand or expand the reach of their existing brand.

  1. What is mG’s solution for investors who want to find better performance?

We started by creating a platform available for all to compete on a level, open playing field. At no cost, anyone can compete – from amateurs to proven professionals. This way, the process of identifying truly better performers is not hidden from investors. They can observe over time who are the true GOATS in a transparent environment. Investors who want to have at least a portion of their money with a variety of demonstrated top-performing money managers have a place to go to check them out. 

To sign up for the competition, visit marketgoats.com. If you have any questions about this announcement or how marketGOATS works, please reach out to us at info@marketgoats.com.

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