Today we at marketGOATS are excited to announce that our top 10 players beat the S&P 500 index by 17 to 51 points during the last 9 months ended December 31, 2022. Additionally, mG has attracted over 1,000 players, including hundreds of investment professionals. 

“mG’s 2022 performance numbers support our thesis: despite volatile and down markets, there are money managers that can outperform, with many delivering positive investment returns,” said mG Co-CEO, David Scott. “Just because markets are down, it doesn’t mean investors should have to settle or accept poor investment performance.”

“We are pleased to see our players reach such heights already,” said mG Co-CEO, Timothy F. McCarthy. “More competitors – including many professional investors – join our platform each day. There are now over two million financial analysts worldwide. Many of them are frustrated with the mediocrity and bureaucracy they experience in their day jobs and want to reach investors directly. On the brokerage distribution side, this already happened as account executives left established brokerage houses to become independent investment advisors. mG is bringing this same freedom to money managers. We will empower them to establish their own brand and attract funds to manage.” 

mG was founded in 2021 by Tim McCarthy and David Scott, two Harvard Business School alumni, to make it easy for investors to discover and invest in top money managers. Currently, over 1,000 players are managing simulated investment portfolios free of charge on the marketGOATS platform. They are competing for the right to be anointed a top investor – aptly dubbed a GOAT (Greatest of All Time) – by the mG team that evaluates each players’ simulated performance. We expect that selected GOATS will be made available to the investing public during 2023.

Congrats to our top ten players for their incredible performance! Professional investors, amateurs, and students alike are welcome to compete on the mG platform – sign up at  

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