Our simulated investment competition platform is designed to allow players to show off their investing talent. In this post, we will outline the various marketGOATS competitions that you can join.


This is the big-picture marketGOATS competition. Based on long-term portfolio performance, we will determine the best players to name as our GOATS. These GOATS could have the opportunity to manage real investor money. Historic performance is key, so the sooner you get on marketGOATS and build your portfolio, the better chance you have to be at one of our inaugural GOATS.


After signing up for marketGOATS and creating your unique portfolio, we encourage you to compete in our time-bound competitions. These include:

Monthly & Quarterly 

These competitions are based on the same portfolio as the overarching GOATS competition but are judged monthly and quarterly. The top players in the monthly contest win $375 and the leading players in the quarterly contest win $750.


The weekly competition is distinct from the other competition types because it is based on a temporary portfolio you build for that week. At the end of the week, the portfolio is closed and you can build a new one for the next week. The top players in the weekly contest win $150. While we are focused on finding GOATS who are successful investors in the long run, we also believe that the weekly competitions can teach money managers to pay attention to short-term signals, test strategies they may not want to use in their permanent portfolios, and look for inflection points in a sector.


After logging into our platform, you will see a “Groups” tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard. These are a combination of public and private groups that you can join directly on marketGOATS, allowing you to compete among specific players or using specific securities. A couple examples are highlighted below:

Global University Student Competition

University students compete against their peers from around the world and win up to $1,000 every month for their school or student organization of their choice. Top-performing players also have the chance to be interviewed and featured on the marketGOATS website and social channels. This competition runs every month and, like all mG competitions, there is no cost to join/play.

Asset-Specific Competitions

Love to invest in select securities? Now is your time to hone in. mG hosts competitions focused on a single type of securities, such as U.S. equities-only portfolios, ETF-only portfolios, and cryptocurrency portfolios. These are open for anyone to join.

Hop on the platform today and experiment with our wide range of competitions. We reward players for excellent performance, so show us what you’ve got: marketgoats.com

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