Our platform has a variety of features that allow you to maximize your portfolio management experience. Here we’ll call to attention a few noteworthy aspects for you to check out the next time you sign in.  

  1. Track leader and platform performance: From your dashboard view, toggle between five different time spans to see all-time leaders across absolute return portfolios, as well as ETF portfolios. Further down on the dashboard, you can also see how our top players are performing against the S&P 500.
  2. Share posts and user profiles: Tap the share icon on a post or profile to send feed posts as well as players’ profiles to other channels. Spread the love and connect with your community effortlessly!
  3. Refer friends with your personalized link: Players can refer friends and get $5 for every new sign-up! From your dashboard, click the purple invite button to access your unique referral link and share it with your social networks. 

Our platform features are designed to enhance your user experience and give you more control over your portfolio. From a sleek and intuitive dashboard that provides real-time updates, to advanced portfolio analytics, our goal is to help you make smarter investment decisions and achieve your goals. 

See you on the platform: marketgoats.com

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